Radio Piter Pan TV

PiterPan TV is the television channel of Radio PiterPan, the radio station of Castelfranco Veneto.
The TV channel first broadcast in September 2017.
PiterPan, both in the guise of Radio and television channel, proposes itself, as the name chosen easily let us guess, to be a young broadcaster: the schedule sees programming at the center of dance music and fun and carefree programs, such as "Lo sfogatoio" by Fedro and Baxo, broadcast every afternoon from 6 to 8 pm. In the early morning, instead, Radio PiterPan offers "Room Service" by Andrea Nordio, broadcast at 7 am. the most followed programs of PiterPan TV there are also Sorelle d'Italia, PiterPan Generation. PiterPan TV is visible on digital terrestrial channel 272 of digital terrestrial.

Radio Lombardia TV

Radio Lombardia TV is a TV station for the city of Milan and Lombardy. Radio Lombardia was born in Milan at the end of 1975 and broadcasts from its headquarters in viale Gran Sasso, becoming a meeting place for students and volunteers who in that season are experiencing a phase of strong political and social change. With the advent of the Eighties it consolidated on the regional territory, and during the whole decade it was characterized as an entertainment broadcaster attentive to Italian music and local information. In those years, he moved to Cesano Maderno. In the same period Carlo Fava (alias Giancarlo Favaro) launched what will be one of the leading programs of the ether in Lombardy, the Discoletto.

In 1989 the change towards a radio with more information content began thanks to consolidated formats such as Obiettivo donna, which continued throughout the course of the nineties with the addition of Zona free, Today is Sunday, Word to the Honorable, Lombardy under investigation and regional radio newspapers. Over the years, external productions such as Rock Cafè (which later became a television format), Mai dire Gol by Gialappa's Band, which follows the 1992 football championships live, have become increasingly important, which also later moved to television, and Radio Traffic.

Radio Kiss Kiss Italia TV

Radio Kiss Kiss TV is a national Italian television network. The channel was born on 12 December 2019 and is visible on digital terrestrial at LCN 158, on Sky Italia at LCN 727 and on Tivùsat at LCN 64 in HD.

From February 14, 2021, the channel, which previously only broadcast a rotation of music videos, is converted to radiovision with some tests, while on February 22 the program I corrieri di Kiss Kiss is broadcast for the first time in radio-TV simulcast. On 28 February, the Pippo Pelo Show program with Amadeus as a guest will be broadcast for the first time in radio-TV simulcast to talk about the Sanremo 2021 Festival. The radio-TV simulcast broadcasts then officially started on March 15th.

Radio Capital TV

Radio Capital TV is a musical TV available on the Radio Capital. As with the radio of the same name, the programming is made up of classics of music from the seventies - eighties - nineties. It is based in Rome in via Benozzo Gozzoli, 8. The producer of the canal is Gianluca Costella.

The channel debuted on 9 August 2011 on the LCN 158. For the first time a simple monoscope was broadcast , which was subsequently replaced by a rotation of short clips of video clips.

The official broadcasts of the channel started on 11 November 2011 ; symbolically, the programming was started exactly at 11:11. On that day, the channel's broadcasts were synchronized with those of Radio Capital. The first music video to be aired was Money of Pink Floyd.

From 20 December 2012 , the channel moves to LCN 69, replacing Vintage!, a channel with programming very similar to Radio Capital TiVù, and which served to temporarily occupy the LCN after the closure of Virgin Radio TV, which took place on July 31, 2012.

The version on the LCN 158, to which in the meantime the wording PROVISIONAL had been added to the channel identifier, remained visible until 26 March 2013, the day on which it was replaced by m2o TV.

On 7 January 2016, on digital terrestrial it moved to LCN 162, exchanging places with Onda Italiana.

From 1 October 2016 Radio Capital TiVù left digital terrestrial and broadcast exclusively on Sky at channel 713 and in streaming on the site. The last video clip broadcast on digital terrestrial before closing was that of We Are Family by Sister Sledge.

R101 TV

R101 TV is an Italian thematic television broadcaster, affiliated with R101, which deals with music. It broadcasts simulcast programs with the affiliated radio during the day, and rotating music videos at night and early in the morning.

It was officially born on June 4, 2014 on digital terrestrial in the Retecapri Alpha mux on channel 66, previously used by Radio Capri Television.

From 2 December 2014 it is also available on local muxes affiliated with 7 Gold on channel 167.

From 13 April 2015 it is only available on channel 167.

In September 2015 Arnoldo Mondadori Editore sells the manufacturing company Monradio srl, which also controls the radio, to the Mediaset group.

From 14 February 2017 it is available on La3 mux always on channel 167 while from 1 March following it is no longer available on local mux affiliated to 7 Gold.

From 1 January 2018 the channel renews the bumpers by replacing the previous ones.

From 1 March 2019 the channel is retransmitted at night (initially from 1:00 to 7:00, then from 2:00 to 7: 15/7: 30 and then from 2021 from approximately 2: 30/3: 00. at about 7:00) on Italia 2.

From 2 September 2019 from Monday to Friday from 9 to 12 will broadcast the program Proceed with Fernando Proce , Regina and Sabrina Bambi.

From 20 December 2019 the network logo has been inserted inside a white box and it is moved to the top left during TGcom24 news and Meteo weather forecasts.

In June 2020 the channel renews the bumpers.

From May 2021, the broadcaster will also simulcast with the affiliated radio , from Monday to Friday, the Katia & Alvin program from 12 to 14, while from June of the same year also The R101 traffickers from 17 to 20 ; moreover, from 12 June, every Saturday and Sunday the channel broadcasts in "audiographic" mode from 9 to 21 R101 Weekend , container of radio-TV simulcast programs. Since July of the same year, the channel also broadcasts the Good Times program in simulcast with the radio from 2pm to 5pm.

Primocanale Liguria

Primocanale is an Italian regional television broadcaster, owned by PTV Programmazioni Televisive, which broadcasts from Genoa throughout Liguria.

Numerous new projects are presented in 2019, despite the continued presence of telesales on the three main channels of the group. In February, the editorial offices and studios are inaugurated in Sanremo, in the Casino area: thanks to them Primocanale focuses even better on the themes of the extreme west of Liguria. Channel 12 thus hosts the programming of Telesanremo (historical broadcaster bought by Maurizio Rossi in the 90s to strengthen the Primocanale signal to the west, which today has dusted off the brand, which appears on the screen as TSRF, acronym for Tele Sanremo Riviera dei Fiori) together with that of Welcome # Liguria. Also in February Primocanale and Telesanremo broadcast "Sanremo 2019 ... non solo festival", a live program to follow the events of the week of the Sanremo Festival. Still in the Matuzian city and throughout the Imperia area, Primocanale carries out interviews and reports in the first months of the year in view of the administrative offices in many municipalities of the province. In the same year, Primocanale presents a new publishing project: Primocanale Motori, born by strengthening the pre-existing "Rally Live" portal, which follows the world of rally and engines in general, with weekly windows broadcast on the mother network, but also on Tg24 and TSRF-Welcome # Liguria and daily on the broadcaster's website and within the sports news. In spring the Sanremo Rally was broadcast with a live special from the race on channel 12 and with numerous information windows on channel 10. Numerous other projects are produced, from the strengthening of the newsletters "il Primo", which are joined by new, monothematic, up to the new weekly columns (including Porti & Città, reincarnation of the historic IPort program and Tg salute, new name of "Dica 33"). During the summer "Viaggio in Liguria- il tour" is presented, a spin-off of the successful program conducted by Gilberto Volpara, which consists of a journey in more than 20 stages in the Ligurian squares with an 18-meter truck to promote tourism and the economy with guests and external contributions with connections in the morning and the live broadcast at lunchtime, up to the evenings of the show with the characters of the broadcast.

Prima TV

Prima TV is a Romanian commercial TV channel, famous mainly for the Cronica Cârcota┼čilor show and various reality shows.

Prima TV was launched as one of the first commercial television stations in Romania in December 1997 at 19:00. Until then, on its frequency was known AMEROM CANAL 38 or TeleAmerica. Prima TV is owned and operated by Prima Broadcasting Group , since early 2014. Prima TV reaches 87% of urban population and is one of the four most successful TV stations in the country. Prima TV is available both on cable and satellite platforms. It was available in analogue terrestrial on channel 38 until June 2015, when it ceased terrestrial transmission in analogue. It was available in DVB-T from 2011, on channel 54, but shifted later to 59. In early 2015 it discontinued its existence on Digital Terrestrial platform.

Clubbing TV

Clubbing TV is a television channel dedicated to electronic music, DJ's and Dance music culture. The channel was launched on January 19, 2009, on the occasion of the opening of the 43rd edition of the Midem in Cannes. The idea originated from the meeting of professionals from Dance Music, International DJs, Promoters, Label Managers.

Clubbing TV is an official partner of some of the biggest electro festivals worldwide and brings you to the heart of events like the famous Amsterdam Dance Event, the Winter Music Conference in Miami, the Ibiza International Music Summit, Time Warp Festival, I Love Techno, Tomorrowland, Exit Festival, Electrobeach Music Festival and the Ibiza superclub parties.

Brit Asia TV

Brit Asia TV is a British television channel that is aimed at the British Asian audience. It launched in 2008 and is known for the Brit Asia TV Music Awards. The channel is available on satellite and publishes videos on Dailymotion and YouTube. Between June 2017 and January 2020 the channel was also available on Virgin Media cable. In August 2017 the channel outsourced its playout operations to ABS Broadcasting.

Majid TV

Majid TV displays many television programs on its screens that children love, as Majed channel provides reliable content that children enjoy and learn from virtue of morals, and among the programs offered by the channel:

  • Journey series.
  • Captain Khalfan series.
  • Ammouneh Al Mazyona series.
  • Majid series.
  • O hearers of supplication.