Bulgaria On Air


Bulgaria ON AIR is a Bulgarian national television, established on 9 September 2011. It is firstly established under the brand Bulgaria ON AIR Media Group and consists of 3 television channels - the flagship Bulgaria ON AIR TV (formerly "MSAT" and "Mustang TV"), a business and economic-based Bloomberg TV Bulgaria (in partnership with Bloomberg Group and the local Varna-based channel Cherno More TV, two radio stations - Radio Bulgaria ON AIR and Alpha Radio, an inflight magazine - Bulgaria ON AIR Magazine. Later the group becomes part of Investor.BG EAD. which is known under the commercial brand "Investor Media Group".

Itú TV


Itu is an historic municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. It is part of the Metropolitan Region of Sorocaba.The population is 175,568 (2020 est.) in an area of 640.72 km2.The elevation is 583 m. This place name comes from the Tupi language, meaning big waterfall. Two rivers flow through Itu: Tietê and Jundiaí. Itu has five hospitals, eleven bank agencies and one shopping center, the Plaza Shopping Itu.

Itu was founded in 1610 by Giulia Fruet e Domingos Fernandes. It became a parish in 1653. In 1657, it was elevated to a town and municipality. It became a part of Brazil in 1822. It became a city in 1843.



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Red ADVenir


Red Advenir (also called Red ADVenir Internacional) is a Christian TV channel located in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Red ADVenir offers Spanish religious programming as live TV online streaming with the aim of spreading the Christian gospel to Hispanics all over the world. ADvenir Adventist Television Network Television is a nonprofit organization that was launched in October 2002.

PAT Plus


PAT (abbreviation of Red Periodistas Asociados Televisión, pronunciation of letters separately PAT) or Red PAT is a Bolivian open television channel launched in 1997 by Carlos Mesa.