Belarus 24(Беларусь 24)

Belarus 24(Беларусь 24) is a Belarusian international state television channel. Broadcasting is conducted in Belarusian and Russian languages. The coverage area covers 174 countries of the world. It is intended to reflect Belarusian and foreign political, social and cultural realities, offering foreign TV viewers objective information about the most important events in the country and the world. This is the latest news, current TV projects and an exclusive film screening. The basis of the air of the Belarus 24 TV channel is made up of the best TV projects of the national channels.



Channel S is a UK-based, free-to-air television channel targeting the British Bangladeshi community. The channel was established on 16 December 2004 by Mahee Ferdous Jalil, a Bangladeshi businessman in London.On Sky it at first had a timesharing deal with ATN Global, and then in 2005 began to broadcast for 24 hours, 7 days a week; it is currently available on Sky channel 777. Its shows such as Channel S News tend to copy sounds from other companies such as the BBC. The channel claims to be the "Voice of British Bangladeshis across the world",showing programmes suiting community needs. Its slogan is "Working for the community".

The television station is based at Prestige House in Walthamstow, north-east London. It broadcasts programmes in Bengali, Sylheti and a few in English. It is the first Bangladeshi channel to broadcast content in the Sylheti dialect, and has built up a loyal following among Bangladeshis in the United Kingdom, of whom the majority come from Sylhet.Since the launch of the channel in 2004 there has been bitter rivalry between Channel S and Bangla TV, with Channel S gaining rights to broadcast the Baishakhi Mela. A survey in the UK found Channel S was the most viewed Bengali TV channel in the UK.

Channel T1

Channel One was a Bangladeshi pay television channel from Bangladesh. It started broadcasting on 24 January 2006 from its studio in Uday Tower, Gulshan, Dhaka. It was owned by One Entertainment Limited, a sister concern of One Group.

Channel One was an infotainment channel by nature. News times were: 8:00 am, noon, 2:30 pm, 6:30 pm, 7:30 pm, 10:00 pm, 11:30 pm, 12:30 am and 3:00 am BST.

Bahrain TV

Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation (BRTC) is a public broadcaster in Bahrain with headquarters in Manama. The BRTC is owned by the government of Bahrain, and under the control of the Information Affairs Authority.

Bahrain International

In Bahrain, there are seven free-to-air television channels, four of which are privately owned. The country's public service broadcaster, Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation (BRTC), broadcasts over five terrestrial TV networks, including the popular Channel 44. Around 35–40% of its output is locally produced. Free satellite is the dominant television platform, reaching 51% of Bahraini households. The country has a relatively high pay-TV penetration, estimated at 51% in 2011. There are three main pay-TV operators: OSN, ART and Al Jazeera Sports.The government-controlled Information Affairs Authority directly controls BRTC and indirectly controls the country's other television networks.

Bahrain Sports is a national TV channel offering various sports events in Arabic. Al Maaref TV is a religious TV channel founded in 2007. An opposition news station, LuaLua TV operates from London, though it is blocked in Bahrain.

Television in Bahrain began in 1973, broadcasting five-hours per day.

Bahrain historically hosted a number of pan-Arab broadcasters, including Orbit, which merged to form the OSN, and the MBC2 channel. It also hosts the Alarab News Channel funded by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia that covers political, economic and social issues related to the Arab region.


CBC TV is a television channel in Azerbaijan. The channel began broadcasting from Baku on 10 April 2013 and is owned by the SOCAR.

CBC TV channel offers coverage of developments, diverse programs and, most importantly, CBC is the only broadcaster covering news in 4 languages - Azerbaijani, Russian, English and Armenian. The TV channel is broadcasting around the clock, encompassing a territory spanning from the European part of Russia to the Hindustan Peninsula; from the Balkan Peninsula to the eastern border of China. A single system of news selection is applied in the CBC coverage, taking into consideration the specificity of the broadcasting language of each of the five departments.


Azad Azerbaijan TV (ATV) is a private television station in Azerbaijan.It has been broadcasting since December 25, 2000.ATV began broadcasting through movies and music videos, but later news, shows and other programmes were added. In the last years ATV claim to be the most popular and the most viewable channel in Azerbaijan.