Canal Catorce

Canal Catorce (Channel 14, formerly known as Una Voz con Todos) is a national public television network of Mexico, operated by the Sistema Público de Radiodifusión del Estado Mexicano (SPR). It began operations in 2012 and is distributed via the SPR's national digital transmitter network, as well as on all cable and satellite providers. It is based in Mexico City.

The Organismo Promotor de Medios Audiovisuales, or OPMA, was the predecessor to the SPR. It was founded with the aim of extending the breadth and depth of public television in Mexico. Two national-level public television stations were already on the air — XEIPN-TV, established in 1959, and Canal 22, established as public/cultural in 1993 — but they were not available outside Mexico City except through pay television and select programs carried by the public television stations in the various states, as well as Canal Once's few existing retransmitters. Outside Mexico City, XEIPN had a national penetration of 28%, and XEIMT had 22% reach. Furthermore, in 2005, the teveunam network owned by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) began its broadcast as a Pay TV-only channel.

On March 31, 2010, an official decree published in the Official Gazette of Mexico created OPMA. OPMA created a new public television channel, initially called Canal 30 TV México, to serve as its flagship programming source. Initially, OPMA's first transmitters outside Mexico City.

The first four transmitters for the system began operations in 2010. The Mexico City transmitter, XHOPMA-TDT (now XHSPR-TDT) channel 30, launched on March 23, 2012. With this new transmitter, the Canal 30 network launched. The name was changed to Una Voz con Todos in 2012 to reflect that outside Mexico City, it was usually on other channel numbers.

In October 2016, all SPR transmitters were assigned virtual channel 14 for Una Voz con Todos; as a result, cable providers, who are required to carry the channel, placed it on channel 14. On November 13, 2017, the name of the channel was changed to Canal Catorce (Channel 14) to reflect its over-the-air and cable channel position.

Smash TV

Smash Television is a Maltese television station. Smash is privately owned and maintains a neutral editorial position in which different opinions on Maltese politics are expressed. It remains much smaller than the older stations.

TV Ikim

TV Ikim is a VOD subscription service that specializes in Islamic education and entertainment. It is to provide a true understanding of Islam in order to maintain the purity of the teachings of Islam without touching on rhetorical matters or deviating from the prescribed path.







澳视体育在奥运会期间,会播出奥运会比赛。但自北京奥运会开始,澳门地区的奥运会转播权一直是中国中央电视台所有,而直至2019年底CCTV-5落地澳门之前,央视用来转播奥运会的频道无一在澳门落地播出,故央视授权澳广视在奥运会期间转播CCTV-5,澳广视在转播期间会自行配粤语解说。而澳视体育转播国外电视台体育频道的赛事(如FOX Sports)亦是如此。




澳视澳门是澳门广播电视股份有限公司的第一套节目,于1984年5月13日启播, 1990年澳广视私有化后则从原有的一个频道分拆为两个频道播放,初期名称为澳广视第二台,1994年更名澳广视中文台。 2007年4月1日更名澳门电视台,2009年11月2日再次更名为澳视澳门台。


Canal Macau

Canal Macau is a Portuguese-language television channel broadcast in Macau, China. Both Canal Macau and its sister, Cantonese language station TDM Ou Mun, are owned by TDM.

Local programmes usually broadcast daily from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm. As a result, RTP's programmes on RTP Internacional are usually relayed for other time schedules (with the exception of football matches). In addition, The Catholic Mass broadcasts live on Sunday mornings from the Igreja da Sé. Together, these programmes make Canal Macau a 24-hour television service.

Beach TV (Panama City)

Beach TV is just what it sounds like a television station dedicated to the beach and beach lifestyle. Beautiful, warm, colorful, playful, always fun and occasionally, awe-inspiring, Beach TV is part of the Destination Network, providing visitors with facts and insider info they need to make the most of their beach vacations, and serving as a trusted advisor to locals on leisure time indulgences. Live 24/7 with award-winning restaurant reviews, special event updates, nightlife and entertainment reviews, sports, arts, culture and rare insider information on up and coming trends. Beach TV is 100% Good News – no other station offers this kind of hyper-local insight to Panama City Beach, 30A, Apalachicola and Florida’s Gulf Coast beaches, all in high definition, produced by some of the most talented producers in the field. Beach TV is filled with gorgeous visuals, colorful and witty reporting by real people who actually live and play on the beach.

Atlanta Channel

The Atlanta Channel is the Official Visitor Information TV Station of the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau, providing visitors with facts and insider info they need to make the most of their visit to America's 8th largest and most vibrant business city. Live 24/7 with award-winning restaurant reviews, up-to-the-minute special event reporting, nightlife and entertainment reviews, sports, arts, culture and trustworthy insider information on up and coming neighborhoods and trends. The Atlanta Channel is 100% Good News - no other station offers the hyper-local insights to this city that we do, all in high definition, produced by some of the most talented reporters and producers in the field. The Atlanta Channel is defined by gorgeous visuals, fun and colorful insights with unique home grown Southern personality because it comes from people who live in Atlanta, love Atlanta and know Atlanta, inside and out.

ABC 7 Denver (KMGH)

KMGH-TV, virtual and VHF digital channel 7, is an ABC-affiliated television station licensed to Denver, Colorado, United States. Owned by the Cincinnati-based E. W. Scripps Company, it is part of a duopoly with Sterling-licensed independent station KCDO-TV, channel 3 (and its Denver-licensed translator KSBS-CD, channel 10). Both stations share studios on East Speer Boulevard in Denver's Congress Park neighborhood, while KMGH-TV's transmitter is located atop Lookout Mountain, near Golden.

KMGH-TV operates digital translator KZFC-LD (channel 26) in Windsor, and its main channel is relayed on a digital subchannel of KSBS-CD, allowing homes with issues receiving KMGH's VHF signal or only a UHF antenna to receive KMGH-TV in some form. The station's second and third subchannels, which carry Scripps-owned multicast networks Court TV Mystery and Laff, are relayed on translators KZCO-LD (channel 30) in Denver and KZCS-LD (channel 18) in Colorado Springs.