Telefe Rosario

Telefe Rosario is an Argentine television station broadcasting on channel 5 from the city of Rosario, province of Santa Fe. As an affiliate of Telefe, its schedule consists of soap operas, movies, local news, entertainment shows and cartoons. It started broadcasting in color in 1980.

Net TV

Net TV is an Argentine commercial television network that is property of Grupo Perfil and operated by Kuarzo Entertainment Argentina. The network is headquartered in Barracas, Buenos Aires.

Net TV made its formal debut on October 1, 2018 with the cooking-themed talk show Como Todo, becoming the sixth "must carry" broadcast network of Argentina and the first in 54 years, after the 1964 launch of América TV.

Chaco TV

Chaco is a province of northeastern Argentina. It is located between the northwestern Argentine highlands and the Paraná River and is bounded on part of the east by Paraguay. Resistencia, in the southeast on the Paraná, is the provincial capital. The province is mostly low hardwood forest with patches of savanna trending to thorn scrub and savanna in the drier northwest.

Watch Chaco TV online from Argentina for free.

Canal 3 Pinamar

Channel 3 Pinamar is a broad spectrum channel for the public, from children, adolescents to adults. Variety in the themes exposed. Varied programming, weather, tides, extended forecast, quotes, pool results, daily news, world indexes, video clips, socials, movies, cartoons, documentaries etc.


América TV is an Argentine television station from La Plata. Together with Telefe , Canal 13 , Canal 7 and Canal 9, it is one of the five stations whose programs can be received via antenna in a large part of the country (partly via other stations).

LS86 TV is a television station located in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The station is owned and operated by America TV SA América is also one of Argentina's five national television channels. LS86 maintains studio facilities and offices located in Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires; its transmitter is located in the Florencio Varela Partido, Buenos Aires Province. Outside of the Buenos Aires province, América is available on cable.

Garage TV

Garage TV is a 24-hour subscription television channel dedicated to programs related to the automobile, as well as its history, legendary manufacturers, different sports disciplines, safety, industry news, off-road activity , classifieds, mechanics, great flyers of history, industrial design, events and tourism; as well as special cycles on motorcycling, aeronautics and motorboating.

Canal 4 Posadas

The Canal 8 Posadas, known as Misiones Four is an Argentine television channel, is owned by the Province of Misiones and operated by a corporation that receives help from the company Multimedios SAPEM, the private sector Channel 12. Its studios are located at Calle General Ramírez 4836, in the city of Posadas.