Белсат(Belsat TV)

Belsat (Belarusian: Белсат; Polish: Biełsat) is a Polish free-to-air satellite television channel aimed at Belarus. The channel is a subsidiary of TVP S.A. From the outset, it has been co-funded by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international donors.

Belsat's stated mission is ensuring that Belarusians have access to independent news on the situation in their country and former USSR countries, reliable information on their own history, and culture and entertainment programming in their own language. It serves to forge links between democratic communities in Europe, Belarus and other post-Soviet states, and to support ongoing democratic processes there.

Belarus 24(Беларусь 24)

Belarus 24(Беларусь 24) is a Belarusian international state television channel. Broadcasting is conducted in Belarusian and Russian languages. The coverage area covers 174 countries of the world. It is intended to reflect Belarusian and foreign political, social and cultural realities, offering foreign TV viewers objective information about the most important events in the country and the world. This is the latest news, current TV projects and an exclusive film screening. The basis of the air of the Belarus 24 TV channel is made up of the best TV projects of the national channels.