Canal C

Canal C is a regional cable television channel based in Namur, Namur Province (French: Namur / Walloon: Nameur), and serving the arrond is sements of Namur and Philippeville in the Namur Province. It televises news bulletins, news magazine shows, sports updates, talk and interview shows, public affairs programs, and other local programs.


BX1, formerly Télé Bruxelles, is a Belgian regional public service information medium centered on Brussels, its content is broadcast on the Internet, on television, and since september 2019, on the radio.

BX1 is incorporated as a non-profit association, and as such comes under the non-profit private sector, and the joint committee 329 (socio-cultural sector). It holds its authorization to issue a decree on Audiovisual Media Services of the French Community which governs its operating framework and defines its public service missions. Finally, it operates under a management contract concluded with the Commission Communautaire Française (Cocof) in Brussels. It is therefore an operator providing a public service mission.


Bel RTL is a commercial radio network broadcasting in Brussels and Wallonia (French-speaking Belgium). The station is owned by the Radio H holding company, which is part of the Luxembourg-based RTL Group.

Bel RTL is currently (as of 2013) the most widely listened-to radio station in the French Community of Belgium. It is the station's aim to be as big in Belgium as its sister station RTL is in France. Many of Bel RTL's presenters came to the station from the RTL-TVI television channel.


RTL-TVI is a private French-language Luxembourgish based television station in Belgium owned by the RTL Group. Within the French-speaking area of Belgium, it is the most popular channel with a 20 percent viewing share. It was the first commercial television station in Belgium.

RTL-TVI offers a schedule of family-oriented information, entertainment and fiction genres. In French-speaking Belgium, almost all of the foreign programs are dubbed in French, instead of retaining the original soundtrack.

In Belgium, RTL also operates the French-language channels Club RTL, Kidz RTL and Plug RTL.


Qmusic (formerly Q-music) is a Flemish commercial radio station of media company DPG Media. In 2016, Qmusic is the biggest commercial radio station and the third largest radio station in Flanders. According to the latest listening figures from the Centrum voor Informatie over de Media (English: Centre for Information on the Media), the station achieves on a daily basis an average market share of 12.95%.

The station plays particularly popular music. Since February 20, 2012, all activities are filmed in the radio studio and broadcast live via the website, a private TV channel on Telenet Digital TV and a mobile application for the smartphone.


Notélé is a non-profit association (asbl) responsible for the local television channel of Picardy Wallonia in Belgium. Notélé means "Our TV" in Picard, the local dialect.


Les News 24 , better known by the acronym LN24 , is a Belgian French-language 24- hour news television channel, launched in S. It is the only 24-hour news channel in Belgium, active on television and on the web. LN24 broadcasts 16 newspapers a day, morning with political guests, economic and cultural, as well as several talk shows or evening decryption.