Teletrak TV

Teletrak TV is a Chilean subscription television channel that bases its programming on the broadcast of the horse race in that country. He owns the television and sound broadcasting rights of the racing days of the Club Hípico de Santiago, Hipódromo Chile, Valparaíso Sporting and Club Hípico de Concepción.

Prior to the creation of this channel, each racetrack had its own transmission that was a closed circuit television within the racetracks, with the birth of the Teletrak Network in August 1990 , these transmissions began to be broadcast in the agencies that this network maintained throughout the country.


ITV Patagonia

ITV Patagonia is a channel broadcast television Chile , which broadcasts in Punta Arenas by VHF channel 11, and was released on 7 July 1997.

Its offices are located on Calle Ignacio Carrera Pinto 654. Among its most prominent programs are ITV Noticias, Lo Bueno, Lo Malo y Lo Feo, El Sábado I Cook, Teleautos and Una Mañana en Familia.

Campo Abierto TV(Huechuraba)

Campo Abierto Televisión is a Chilean subscription television channel. Its programming is based on the rural and forestry area of ​​Chile. It has informative, sports and variety programs.

The channel became operational in October 2016 and is broadcast through Mundo Pacífico, Gtd in the Metropolitan Region and Telsur between the Bío Bío to Aysén regions.

It currently broadcasts the main rodeos, both the qualifiers and the National Rodeo Championship.


Antofagasta TV

Antofagasta TV is a Chilean free-to-air television channel, launched on October 16, 2006. It is owned by CNC Medios. 

The channel was launched as Famtel Televisión, by VTR channel 16 and by open signal on channel 30 UHF. In November 2008, Antofagasta Televisión established a strategic alliance with CNN Chile to exchange audiovisual material. One of the channel's contributions to CNN Chile was the coverage of the earthquakes and tsunami warning in 2014 that affected the country.


Alegria TV

Alegria TV is a music channel from Chile. You can watch Alegria TV programming, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the best music videos in Spanish of all genres, with the best national and international artists.

Canal 21

Canal 21 is a Chilean open television channel that broadcasts in the city of Chillán, Ñuble Region. It is owned by MASE Comunicaciones and its programming is of a general nature.

You are watching Canal 21 channel from Chile. The channel's category is Other and the speaking language is Spanish.