Telecaribe is a regional television network for the Caribbean region of Colombia.

The station was set up in the early 1980s in Valledupar, Colombia. It started as an unlicensed TV station and as a personal hobby with aficionado equipment brought from the United States, transmitting American movies and local vallenato musical groups, including first versions of the Vallenato Legend Festival. All the antennae and equipment were attached with ropes onto one of the highest buildings in the city.

Since 2018, Telecaribe took over the broadcast rights to the Miss Colombia pageant from former broadcaster RCN Television. While being a nationally owned regional broadcaster, its cable and digital coverage nationwide enables it to broadcast the event on all platforms.

Canal Visión Dorada

Canal Vision Dorada is a regional television channel that originates its signal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from La Dorada Caldas Colombia. Its channels with its own programming and content cover News, Sports, Magazine, Opinion Programs, Children's Programs, Musical and Entertainment Spaces.

Canal Capital

Canal Capital is a Colombian local public television channel, launched 3 November 1997, operated as an industrial and commercial company, property of the government of Bogotá. Its programming is general, though focused on political, cultural, and educational programmes.

Canal 2

Televicentro de Nicaragua, or Canal 2 was founded in December 1965. The first broadcast was in March 1966 and then it was the second TV channel in Nicaragua. Then, in 1973 was the first color broadcasting. TV channel's programs are: Original Telenovelas, Foreign Telenovelas, informative programs, foreign TV series, cartoon, and special events.

Cali TV

Cali TV is a broadcast television station in Cali, Colombia, providing Community News and Entertainment shows. Canal CaliTV produces and airs cultural, informational, educational and entertainment shows of interest to Cali viewers.