CYC (Christian Youth Channel)

Christian Youth Channel - CYC aka Coptic Youth Channel, is a television and internet based English Coptic Orthodox Channel. CYC is the first English Coptic Christian channel, dedicated to Christians all around the world to spread the teachings and love of Jesus Christ.

The Channel is operated by country based non-profit organizations and has production centers around the world.

Mekameleen TV

Mekameleen TV (قناة مكملين) is a news and current affairs television network headquartered in Cairo, Cairo Governorate. It broadcasts latest news covering national, international, and political news.

A relatively recent addition to the Egyptian media landscape, Mekameleen TV is a general interest television station that broadcasts most of its programmes in Arabic. The station’s name can be literally translated from the Arabic to “We will continue” and although it has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, the channel is apolitical. From its studios in the centre of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, the station continues to develop a wide variety of programmes that it produces and/or broadcasts via satellite. Mekameleen TV viewers can learn, and have fun. Although primarily aimed at a young audience, the content offered by the channel will appeal to viewers of any background or age group.

Mekameleen TV covers current Egyptian news including politics, culture, economics and sports through multiple newsletters that it broadcasts throughout the day. It also covers regional and international news to a lesser extent. In addition, the television channel offers programmes, reports, and documentaries that delve into the reality of Egyptian life today. These programmes are intended to reflect Egyptian society accurately and impartially. The culture, history, art, and architecture of one of the world’s oldest civilisations is also covered by educational and entertaining programmes. The dynamic and enterprising aspects of contemporary Egypt are also highlighted. The Mekameleen TV satellite channel mainly broadcasts films and television series that are made by local production companies; ideal for fun family evenings or moments of escapism, and like all Mekameleen TV programmes, they are available free thanks to the Hotbird satellite.

Al Hayat

Alhayat TV is an unencrypted general channel. It airs news and talk shows. An affiliate of El Hayah Group.Al-Hayat was owned by prominent Egyptian businessman and politician El-Sayed El-Badawy, who is also the chairman of the liberal Wafd Party.

Al Fath TV

Al Fath TV (قناة الفتح الفضائية / Al Fateh TV) is an Islamic television station broadcasting from 6th of October City, Giza Governorate.

Egypt Alfath TV (قناة الفتح الفضائية / Al Fateh TV / قناة الفتح للقرآن الكريم) is a Islamic television channel station from Egypt.