CCI Channel

CCI Channel is a cable and satellite TV channel offering religious programs.

CCI Channel started operations in April 2006, our studios are located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

It transmits through satellite and a wide network of cable companies, thus managing to take our signal to all of Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Costa Rica.
The proposal is modern in style, with selected programs, contemporary music and a general program that make a positive contribution to spiritual and personal values.
The slogan Television with a Purpose fully defines our priority and ultimate intention; spread the word of God throughout the planet, through a varied and rich program of content.

Cholusat Sur 36

Canal 36 is a television station in Honduras. It was briefly closed down by order of the government of Roberto Micheletti on September 28, 2009 during the 2009 Honduran constitutional crisis,along with Radio Globo, because of its support for deposed President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya, but then was re-opened. It is owned by Esdras Amado Lopez.

Campus TV

Campus TV is a Honduran high definition channel and the first channel to do in this country. It was founded by the Universidad de San Pedro Sula under Ricardo Jaar's presidency in 2007. The satellite signal covers the Americas and Europe. The Parameters are described next:

Satellite: NSS 806 (40.5°W)
Frequency of Download: 1480 MHz 
Polarization: Circular R/L Symbol 
Rate:2.59 Mbit/s