Videolina (Sardegna)

Videolina , one of the historic local broadcasters of the Sardinia region and leader in the territorial publishing sector (owner of L'unione Sarda), can now be viewed in live streaming on the web. To access the live broadcast, you can consider the official website as a reference, but also our player.

The broadcaster in question has been in business since 1975 and is one of the main television names in the territory of Sardinia. Its history is very important as it is closely linked to the first free radio in Sardinia, namely Radiolina. Today, more than 40 years after its foundation, this television broadcaster also broadcasts its contents via the 510 digital terrestrial channel .

As for the schedule , we remind you that it takes into consideration several aspects. We can find strips dedicated to the information topic, but also different programs. Among these is the case to remember #SIAMOMISS , a program that aims to tell the behind the scenes of the path to the throne of Miss Italy, obviously from the point of view of the very young Sardinian competitors who are preparing to tread the coveted stage.

Another Videolina transmission is #SIAMOSPORTIVI , a real journey to discover the values ​​of sport. Also noteworthy is the program 30 ANNI FA, a space that aims to tell the story of Sardinia in the 80s. Land of very deep traditions, the island is also explored through the transmission Antichi Mestieri. Finally, remember that this web TV also has programs dedicated to the ancient Sardinian goldsmith art.

VH1 Italia

VH1 is a music television network edited by ViacomCBS Networks Italia. After its pan-European version was hosted by Sky Italia from 1 October 2007 to 18 October 2010 , after just under six years, from 1 July 2016 it returns to air on digital terrestrial television with its Italian version on LCN 67 instead of MTV Music on the TIMB 3 mux, which like MTV, becomes Sky exclusive.

Compared to MTV Music, the channel is aimed at more adult age groups, broadcasting video clips of great Italian and international pop , rock and r'n'b classics , paying particular attention to live concerts , anniversaries, birthdays and specials dedicated to the great musicians of the past decades.

On special occasions, however, the channel broadcasts some films, usually simultaneously with Paramount Network but also only on that channel in prime time. On 27 May 2017, live simulcasting with MTV and MTV Music the MTV Awards 2017 which were hosted in Rome. On 6 December 2017 it enters the Tivùsat satellite platform at number 25. On February 20, 2018, the channel changes its look with new graphics and a new logo, in addition, during the music videos, a digital clock is superimposed under the logo. The official voice of the channel promos is the dubbing actress Tania De Domenico. On 28 March 2018 the channel moves to position 22 on Tivùsat. From 2 February 2020 the channel will also become visible with Sky Italia cards in FTV mode at position number 715.

On March 4, 2021, VH1, together with Spike , starts high-definition broadcasts on the satellite, while from March 11 it is added to Sky channels 715 and Tivùsat channels 22. From 1 July 2021 on the satellite it is only visible in HD.

Vera TV Marche

Vera TV is a television broadcaster that broadcasts in the Marche and Umbria regions . Its contents are accessible for free in live streaming on the official website and through the player on this page. In addition, the broadcasts can be viewed on channel 79 of the digital terrestrial of the respective regions.

The schedule disseminates a program entirely designed to serve the inhabitants of Marche and Umbria with particular regard for the many villages and provinces that make up the central regions.

The cut of the schedule is mainly informative, proposing a large number of local news bulletins aimed at presenting and narrating all the most relevant facts and events in the area, but not excluding the entertainment dimension, consisting largely of thematic columns.

The program, very rich, includes programs that touch on different themes. Among these it is possible to mention the show A Casa del Diavolo , but also the Acropolis program .

Vera TV inevitably looks at the world of sport, which is told through spaces such as Cuore di Calcio .

Another event whose theme is very clear from the name is the Being Wellbeing program . Not to be forgotten as part of the schedule of this Marche and Umbrian TV is also the Glam Magazine program .

With a showcase on the world of cookers through the Oggi Cucini Tu program , this online television channel also stands out for broadcasts such as Tutto l'Altra Musica, Mi Oppongo, Mi Fido di Te, Overtime .

TV Qui (Modena)

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TG Norba 24

TG Norba 24 is an Italian non-stop news channel owned by Gruppo Norba.  TG Norba 24 was launched on 25 of October 2010 and it can be watched in different types of broadcasting: free-to-air on the digital terrestrial TV in the zones covered by mux including this channel, LCN 180; satellite digital TV on channel 510 of Sky Italia.
Like other all-news channels, TG Norba 24 features a mix of national and international news, but the particular focus is on southern Italian stories, especially the regions reached by Telenorba's signal and where there are the main offices. The channel broadcasts live from 5 am to midnight, with a newscast updated every 15 minutes in 16:9 format. Since the 4 may of 2011, the channel has been transmitted in upscaled HD resolution only in Apulia.

Tevere TV

Tevere TV is a local television station based in Città di Castello, Umbria. It offers up-to-date news, sports news, documentaries, talk shows, variety shows, and other programs.


Teletricolore is a local television broadcaster whose proposal can be viewed in live streaming, easily navigable and characterized by the presence of a player in the page. Among the other points of reference for viewing the channel, it is also worth mentioning the channels 10, 19 and 636 of the digital terrestrial system.

The proposal Teletricolore is characterized by a schedule that ranges from news, culture and entertainment, events, weather, politics, sports. A broadcaster focused on the Reggio Emilia area, it has the Teletricolore newscast as the spearhead of its proposal to users.

This information strip airs every day at 1.20pm, 7.20pm, 8.20pm and 10.40pm. The broadcaster also oversees the web through social media. This space is characterized by the presence of videos with the various editions of the TG.


Telequattro is a local television broadcaster based in Trieste. Born in 1976, began broadcasting at the end of the following year in a regional context. The first broadcasts began on December 18, 1977, in a particular period for the city of Trieste: after the signing of the Treaty of Osimo which established the definitive borders between Italy and Yugoslavia, the city was shaken by the birth of the List for Trieste and became a sort of laboratory for civic formations that would later arise in the rest of the country. Precisely for this reason, in the municipal elections of 1979, personalities of national politics such as Giorgio Almirante and Marco Pannella entered the Council. Telequattro followed the meetings of the City Council live, establishing a very strong bond with the city that continues to this day. At the same time, already in those years, the name derives from the number of provinces in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region , underlining the aim of being regional television. In fact, its most important pool of listeners is in the city where it is based. In addition to the headquarters, the network has editorial offices in Gorizia and Udine.


Telemolise is the first private television broadcaster in Molise, both in terms of seniority and ratings, population coverage and company size. The establishment of Radio Tele Molise srl took place in 1978. It has its headquarters in Campobasso and local offices in Isernia, Termoli, Venafro.

The broadcaster is Auditel certified for checking the audience rating, with 223,773 net contacts.

The publisher, Quintino Pallante, is the same as the local Abruzzo TV6, the local Molise radio RADIO LUNA, the Giornale del Molise, and other TV stations.

The broadcaster, first of the region, was founded in Ferrazzano in 1978, by a group of small merchants from Campobasso all active in the electronics sector: Lello De Capoa, Michele De Nigris, Pietro Fatica, Raffaele Ciarlariello, Nicola Pirone. The first office is in Ferrazzano in Palazzo Chiarulli, the broadcaster radiates its programs from the UHF 55 channel, the first name is Telemolise, the company was founded a little later with the name Radio Tele Molise srl, even if in reality at the beginning it was not there is a radio broadcast, but it is limited to a cooperation agreement with Radio Lunadi Campobasso, which initially does not involve the property. The programs are broadcast through the Ferrazzano repeater which is a condition to turn on only 26% of the Molise population.On November 6, 1978 Radio Tele Molise srl is registered with the Chamber of Commerce, but already in July 1977 the first Videogiornale was broadcast, the July 13, 1977 the first advertising in Telemolise enters. The companies of Campobasso understand the potential of the new medium: it enters homes, speaks to the reunited families, enchants through movement, words, music and color. Over the years, Telemolise expands its range of action and reaches to cover the whole Region, it is the first local broadcaster in Molise and on the basis of this the motto is coined: Telemolise, a Region becomes TV. The first sports columns began on 1 September 1977. In 1978 the broadcaster moved its headquarters to Campobasso in via Colle delle Api, the first director of Telemolise was Lucio Zampino, the schedule proposes a video news, in-depth columns, programs conducted by the director Lucio Zampino, a cooking program, a cultural program conducted by a visually impaired professor, the Grand Prix quiz, football matches of the Molise teams, sports columns, the Il Giocoliere children's program, films, telefilms, documentaries, another cult program of local TV of the period that is also broadcast on Telemolise is the sports program Caccia al thirteen.

Spike Italia

Spike is an Italian thematic television network, owned by the ViacomCBS group. The broadcaster began its broadcasts on 22 October 2017 on digital terrestrial channel 49 , replacing Fine Living.

The official speaker of the network is Luca Sandri.

The channel's advertising sales are entrusted to Sky Media.

From 6 December 2017 it enters the Tivùsat satellite platform at number 26.

From 29 October 2018, the twenty-fourth season of Top Gear arrives on TV for the first time , also available on Netflix . From 31 October 2018 the Brazilian television series Call me Bruna will be broadcast in absolute premiere.

From 21 January 2019 Baywatch in a remastered version will be broadcast with the title of Baywatch Remastered.

From June 10, 2019, Buffy the Vampire Slayer will be broadcast in a remastered version in 16: 9.

From 2 February 2020 the channel will also become visible with Sky Italia cards in FTV mode at position number 169.

On March 4, 2021 Spike, together with VH1, starts transmissions in high definition on the satellite, while from March 11 he is inserted on the channels 169 of Sky and 26 of Tivùsat (consequently the SD version is moved to the LCN 126 of this one. last platform, provisionally until 1 July, when this version was then eliminated also on the latter platform).