Den Haag TV

Den Haag TV is the local television channel from The Hague. It's based on what goes on in the city. Items about recreation, culture, news from the local neighborhood everywhere from town and a daily local news service. Also local musicians, hiphop-artists, and singer-songwriters have a stage at Den Haag TV.

RTV Oost

RTV Oost is the regional broadcaster for the province of Overijssel. The channel provides television and radio broadcasts.

In the first years, Radio Oost received money from the NOS . However, it was decided in 1988 that the provinces had to pay for the broadcasters themselves. A broadcaster came to contribute, the 'omroeptientje'.

In the very beginning of RTV Oost, only Radio was made. But in September 1992 there were also experiments with TV, under the name TV Oost. The lower house agreed to a three-year trial, on the condition that citizens did not have to make financial contributions. Regional TV turned out to be a success. Even then Queen Beatrix came to visit the studio in Hengelo .

Despite the success, there were still financial problems with the regional broadcaster. In the mid-1990s, East had such a hard time that the broadcaster was almost declared bankrupt. In 1997 there was also a 'broadcaster' for regional television with which RTV Oost was saved.

From 1997, Radio Oost started broadcasting 24 hours a day, making it a fully-fledged radio station. The latest news could be read on TV Oost and information was provided via text TV and Teletext Oost.

In 1999 TV Oost said goodbye to the NOS Journaal and was therefore dependent on their own news bulletin. In the years that followed, TV Oost's broadcasting time continued to expand. Nowadays TV Oost broadcasts news, sports and informational programs 24/7 with an emphasis on regional topics.

TV Ellef

TV Ellef is a regional television channel in the Dutch province of Limburg .

The channel started in 2006 as an internet site with TV programs that can be viewed online. In 2012, the commercial broadcaster was assigned the digital TV channel 46 from Ziggo in the municipalities of Beesel , Roermond , Roerdalen and in part of the municipalities of Echt-Susteren and Venlo . In 2016, the municipalities of Weert and Leudal were added. Since 2020, the channel can also be received via Ziggo in South Limburg.

The main themes on the channel are regional news, sports, music, carnival and regional soaps.

RTV Westerwolde

RTV Westerwolde is the local broadcaster for the municipalities of Westerwolde (formerly Vlagtwedde and Bellingwedde ) and Pekela . On March 27, 1993, Radio Westerwolde became the local broadcaster for the municipality of Vlagtwedde. A few years later, the transmission and service area would be expanded with the municipalities of Bellingwedde and Pekela. Nowadays Radio Westerwolde serves as a regional broadcaster an area with approximately 40,000 inhabitants.

In 1988 a start was made with the foundation of the later broadcaster Radio Westerwolde. A board was formed, consultations were held with the municipality of Vlagtwedde, a start-up subsidy was requested from the same municipality, a foundation was set up and suitable accommodation was sought. Five years later, a room in the De Bolderbörg nursing home in Vlagtwedde was converted into a studio. The first official broadcast of Radio Westerwolde could be heard from there on Saturday 27 March 1993.

After Radio Westerwolde had sufficiently established itself in the region, the neighboring municipality of Bellingwedde was contacted in 1996. That municipality was not yet equipped with a local broadcaster. The media commissariat did not object to the expansion of the area. In the same period Omroep Pekela stopped and together with B&W of the municipality of Pekela, the permit for the municipality of Pekela was acquired. The number of volunteers increased over the years from 30 to 100. Necessary to be able to serve the relatively large area. Additional channels were installed in Oude Pekela and Bellingwolde. In 1999 the broadcaster moved to a new location in the middle of Vlagtwedde.

RTV Noord

RTV Noord is a regional radio and television public broadcaster in Groningen, Netherlands. As of 2013 its radio programs are broadcast on FM 97.5 MHz. It broadcasts TV and radio programming 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Some content is broadcast in the Gronings dialect of Dutch. A popular part of the broadcaster's website is "Groningen in Beeld" ("Groningen in pictures"), which features pictures of Groningen Province uploaded by listeners.

RTV Dordrecht

RTV Dordrecht is the public local radio and television broadcaster of the city of Dordrecht , in the Dutch province of South Holland . RTV Dordrecht provides the radio broadcasts under the name Drechtstad FM and its television broadcasts under the name TV Dordrecht. The former name of RTV Dordrecht is Television Radio Omroep Merwestad (TROM).

Drechtstad FM is the local radio broadcaster for Dordrecht. The transmitter can be received in Dordrecht via cable on 105.9 MHz, in a large part of the Drechtsteden via the air on 95.7 MHz and worldwide via a live stream. Drechtstad FM broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provides its own programs. This broadcaster previously broadcast under the name TROM, then the name changed due to a change of production company to Exxact FM. Ultimately, in July 2004, the station was again operated under the name Drechtstad FM. Drechtstad FM regularly reports on location of major events in Dordrecht.

TV Dordrecht provides television programs in the municipality of Dordrecht and can be received via the frequency 840 MHz on the Dordrecht cable. In addition, the channel can be viewed worldwide via a live stream on the internet. On working days, a broadcast is provided daily from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, which is then repeated every hour until the next new broadcast. During the weekend there is a different programming. The news editors provide RTV Dordrecht News every working day at 6 p.m. with current news from the city and surroundings.