TV Cosmos

TV Cosmos (previously known as UCV Satelital ) is a Peruvian free- to-air television channel that was launched on July 15, 2003. It broadcasts from the Víctor Larco district in the city of Trujillo.

The César Vallejo University obtained authorization from the Ministry of Transport and Communications in 2002 to broadcast by terrestrial television on channel 49 of the Trujillo UHF band. A year later, in July 2003, the university launched UCV Satelital on the air and changed the station's broadcast frequency from channel 49 to channel 15 of the UHF. The first program to be broadcast on the channel was Cadena informativa, a newscast within the hours of 8:00 pm. Subsequently, UCV Satelital incorporates more programs to the channel such as Bajo control.

In 2006, the MTC authorized the César Vallejo University to broadcast in the city of Chimbote on channel 57 UHF. The following year, he obtained the necessary documentation from the MTC to be able to broadcast within channel 49 UHF in Iquitos.

On May 31, 2013, UCV Satelital is launched on the SatMex8 satellite.

In 2016, the channel was relaunched as TV Cosmos.

Monterrico TV

Monterrico Televisión is a Peruvian subscription television channel that bases its programming on horse racing . It broadcasts from the Monterrico Racecourse . It is owned by the Jockey Club of Peru .

It also broadcasts the races that are run at the Arequipa Racetrack .

Previously, the channel was called Jockey Club del Perú Televisión , which was founded in the 1980s on closed circuit television.

Since February 1995, the transmission by the own satellite signal began After a few years, it was renamed TV Turf and went off the air in December 2002.

In 2006, it returned as a test signal in the then Cable Mágico on channel 97. Currently, it is broadcast only by Movistar TV within the cable service. However, by not making continuous broadcasts, he shares frequency with JNE TV .

Monterrico TV is also broadcast through the Jockey Club del Peru concessionaires located in various cities of the country. Likewise, the Monterrico Racecourse page shows the races live.


Canal IPe (abbreviated for Identidad Peruana ) is a Peruvian open television channel of cultural and educational programming for children and young people. It was launched in July 2016 to replace TV Peru 7.4 and is operated by the National Institute of Radio and Television of Peru (IRTP).

Previously, the National Television of the Peru (currently TV Peru ) issued a strip of children 's programming with series designed for children produced by public television NHK of Japan and BBC in the UK by television sequences until the 2000s.

During 2015, the increase in the transmission of junk television programs by the main open television channels in the country prompted the IRTP to plan to launch a cultural channel focused on children and young people, with original production programming as well as programming imported from foreign channels.

For the president of the IRTP board , María Luisa Málaga, in an interview with the newspaper El Peruano , "children and young people need their own space" due to the dominance of the adult public in the face of the demand for television series. In the first place, the Kusi Kusi block was launched in 2013 as part of the TV Peru programming , which adapted the same screen format of the Argentine children's channel Pakapaka . With the passage of time, the block was renamed TV Perú Niños .

Cultura 24 TV

Cultura 24 TV is an Art and Culture channel that broadcasts from Peru. We have created this modern and permanently upgradeable communication space.The art and culture channel with the best programs from the Hilversum broadcast archive 24 hours a day.


BHTV is a cable television channel serving Lima metropolitan area, Puerto Maldonado, Juliaca, Puno, Abancay and Quillabamba. It broadcasts news and current affairs programs, talk shows, cultural programs, children's programs, cooking shows, and other entertaining programs. The headquarters is located in Miraflores District, Lima.