QVC UK is a television shopping channel broadcast from the United Kingdom to the United Kingdom and Ireland. It was formed in 1993 when QVC, Inc. agreed to a deal with Sky TV to create a UK version of the US channel. "QVC – The Shopping Channel" first broadcast in the UK on 1 October 1993.

The original US channel was founded in 1986 in West Chester, Pennsylvania. It grew into a multinational corporation, specialising in televised home shopping. It now broadcasts in five countries to 141 million consumers. The name is an initialism—standing for Quality, Value, Convenience. However, unlike in the US, the expansion of the initialism is no longer used on air in the UK.

In 1998 the UK venture turned its first net profit (£12.5 million), against a loss of £228,000 in 1997. Originally 20% owned by Sky, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of the US broadcaster in 2004.


M2 is a Ukrainian music TV channel. It is part of the two media conglomerates StarLightMedia (50%) and TAVR Media (50%).

TV channel of round-the-clock clips of Ukrainian performers in Ukrainian, English, Russian and other languages. The share of Ukrainian-language music content is 75%. The main content of the TV channel is music videos, as well as entertainment, information and music programs of own production.

The TV channel started broadcasting on June 27, 2007. Until the fall of 2012, the main direction of the TV channel was the music of past decades.

In September 2012, M2 changed its graphic design and radically updated its content.

Since November 1, 2014, together with the related channel "M1", the TV channel broadcasts in 16: 9 format.

From 1 May 2015 the TV channel sounds only Ukrainian music product, the work of Ukrainian artists, musicians, directors and producers. According to the general director of the TV channel, this decision was related to the purpose of popularization of modern Ukrainian music and development of the Ukrainian music industry.

In 2016, the TV channel founded a competition of Ukrainian music for young performers "Hit Conveyor". The TV channel and the Tavriya Games company shoot a video clip for the winners of the contest and ensure its rotation on television.

In March 2018, the M2 TV channel and the Tavriya Games company announced the revival of the Ukrainian national music award "Golden Firebird" . According to Mykola Bagrayev , founder and president of Tavriya Games LLC, the purpose of reviving the award is to support and develop Ukrainian musical culture.

From November 7, 2019, together with the related TV channel "M1", "M2" broadcasts in high definition (HD) on cable and IPTV networks ( "Lanet" and "MEGOGO" ).

In December 2019, the share of "M2" was 0.24% with a rating of 0.03% (data from the Industrial Television Committee, audience 18-54 city 50 thousand +, 32nd place among Ukrainian channels).

April 19, 2020 changed the channel logo and graphic design.

In December 2020, the share of the channel was 0.11% with a rating of 0.02% (data from the Industrial Television Committee, audience 18-54 cities 50 thousand +, 35th place among Ukrainian channels).


M1  is a nationwide Ukrainian music and entertainment TV channel that broadcasts music videos and entertainment programs for a wide audience. This is the first music channel to broadcast clips in karaoke mode . It is part of the two media holdings StarLightMedia (50%) and TAVR Media (50%). The audience of the channel is people aged 14-25. The TV channel occupies 42% of the total share of music channels in Ukraine.

M1 TV channel aired in December 2001. Since February 1, 2002, the TV channel has been broadcasting satellite.

From 2004 to 2009, the TV channel broadcast for the first time in Ukraine the animated series "The Simpsons" and "Futurama" adapted to the Ukrainian audience.

In different years, M1 aired shows: Cannes Film Festival (2009), American Music Awards (2009), Grammy (2012), Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2012), Brit Awards (2013).

The channel also broadcasts music and other events: Tavriya Games, Ukrainian Fashion Week, "Black Sea Games", "Big Wedding" from "Russian Radio" Ukraine and others.