Telewizja Toruń

Telewizja Toruń (cable TV of Toruń) is a local Polish TV station that was founded in 1992. It has 120,000 viewers. The TV Toruń is also an internet and telephone provider for the city of Toruń.

The main program is News Torun (Aktualności Toruńskie), theme refers to the most important events in the city and its surroundings broadcast from Monday to Sunday at 17.45, 20.00 and 21.45. TV employs a dozen journalists, editors and cameramen, has three television studios. Director of TV Toruń is Jerzy Muchewicz.

Telewizja Kujawy

Telewizja Kujawy - a local TV station broadcasting its program in Włocławek , run by Media Centrum Kujaw, sp. Z oo, also the owner of Radio Kujawy, broadcasting on the frequency of 99.4 fm. Radio Kujawy began broadcasting programs on September 13, 2018.

The editorial office of TV Kujawy has been operating since July 22, 1995. The television is available on the local cable network Sat Film and live on the websiteIt is received by about 90 thousand viewers. The programs are created by an editorial team: 4 reporters and 3 camera operators.

The owners of Media Center Kujaw are: Renata Kończyńska, Barbara Szmejter and Joanna Lewandowska, who have equal shares.

The editorial office independently prepares sports, journalistic, educational, cultural, entertainment and local news programs, headed by the " City Pulse ". Television cooperates with the City Hall, the Poviat Starosty, towns and communes from the area of ​​Kujawy and the Dobrzyń Land, patronizing cultural events and promoting the local economy.

On March 29, 2010 TV Kujawy changed its visual form. There is a new logo and a clock and information bar at the bottom of the screen. Since then, the television has served as a 24-hour news channel from Włocławek and the surrounding area. The program is broadcast in 16: 9 format .