TeleTicino is an Italian-language television channel based in Melide, Switzerland. It was established in 1987. The channel provides local news and entertainment programming for the Ticino canton, which has a mostly Italian-speaking population. Its programming includes talk shows, political debates, comedies in the local Ticinese dialect, entertainment, and sports.

One TV

One TV is a TV channel of Switzerland. Television in Switzerland was introduced in 1950, with regular broadcasts commencing in 1953. People who live in Switzerland are required by law to pay a television licence fee, which is used to finance the public radio and television service SRG SSR. Licence fee-payers in all the linguistic regions of Switzerland all pay the same amount, 365 CHF since 01/01/2019, counting both radio and television licences) and in return, are entitled under the law to services of equal quality. The fee is charged per household and not per person, with empty dwellings being exempt.

Canal Alpha Jura

Canal Alpha is a Swiss regional television channel. It broadcasts throughout the Jurassian Arc, from the Yverdon region (west) to the canton of Jura, as well as in the Bernese Jura. In the mid-1990s, the channel broadcasts throughout the territory of the Canton and is transformed into a public limited company. In addition, the broadcasts become daily.