Syria TV

Syria TV (Arabic: القناة الفضائية السورية‎), also known as Syrian Satellite Channel, is a satellite television channel owned by RTV Syria and broadcast throughout the world on various satellites. The television station is based in Damascus, Syria since 1995.


Syria TV features a variety of general-interest programs.

  • Syrian soap operas (Syrian Drama, مسلسلات سوريا دراما)
  • Aalam men Akhbar (A World of News, عالم من الأخبا)
  • Jilna (Our Generation, جيلنا)
  • Sabah al Khair (Good Morning, صباح الخير)
  • Al-Nas lel Nas (People for People, الناس للناس)
  • Hamzet Wasel (Connecting Link, همزة وصل)
  • Al-Balad Baladak (The Country is your Country, البلد بلدك)
  • Mulaeb al Ghad (Tomorrow's Player, ملاعب الغد)
  • Huna Dimashq (Here is Damascus, هنا دمشق)
  • Nahja Maan (Living Together, نحيا معا)
  • Al-Muwaten w el-Wazeer (The Citizen and the Minister, المواطن و الوزير )
  • Hadis Al-Balad (Talk of the Town, حديث البلد)
  • Bath Mubashar (Live Broadcast, بث مباشر)

Most of the programmes are in Arabic. There is also a number of English programmes and some news broadcasts in English, French, Spanish, Russian and recently Turkish.


Spacetoon TV (Arabic: سبيستون‎ or سبيس تون) is a pan–Arab free–to–air television channel that specializes in animation and children programs. It began broadcasting on 27 March 2000 headquartered in Dubai, UAE with offices in Riyadh and Cairo and previously in Damascus and Amman. The channel targets children from 4 and up and is for the family.

The Spacetoon company has had three now-defunct channels in the Arab world besides the main still existing Spacetoon channel: Space Power TV, Spacetoon Radio and Spacetoon English and a video on demand app called Spacetoon Go.

The main Indonesian channel began airing on 23 March 2005 in Jakarta, it later became NET. and its broadcast remains on satellite television. Currently there are three Spacetoon channels in Indonesia, Spacetoon, Space Shopping and Spacetoon Plus. In India, Spacetoon India exists as licensing company, but not as a separate TV channel. In South Korea, Spacetoon launched in 2005 but has since closed down.

Spacetoon is broadcast in 22 countries, and has an audience of over 130 million viewers.

Halab Today TV

Aleppo (Halab) Today (Arabic: قناة حلب اليوم‎) is a television news channel, unofficially associated with Syrian opposition. The channel's broadcast features music and images with a news ticker running at the bottom of the screen that provides important updates to Aleppan citizens. The channel originally broadcast from Aleppo but later moved its operations to an undisclosed location outside of Syria due to pressure from the government. The channel broadcasts on Nilesat and online.

The channel relies on a network of correspondents in and around Aleppo and a staff that works three shifts to provide 24-hour coverage, focusing particularly on military developments in the area.

Many of the reporters and editors working for the channel have remained anonymous, but some of the known staff include a former editor Samir Kanjo and his replacement Feras Dibbeh.