Хузур ТВ


Khuzur TV(Хузур ТВ) is the first Muslim channel in the country. The TV channel broadcasts programs for all ages in Russian and Tatar languages: cartoons and educational TV shows, spiritual programs of its own production, as well as feature programs and films. 

Watch lively and positive programs in the morning live broadcast of the Khuzur TV channel. which will energize you for the whole day. In the afternoon, programs about family relationships, love, friendship and religion await you. For young viewers, lulling fairy tales for a day's sleep. In the evening online broadcast of the channel, watch religious programs about the Koran, as well as a whole range of programs in the Tatar language.

On the weekend, the Khuzur TV channel's program schedule will delight history lovers with a live broadcast of fascinating programs about the past. Also, you will find useful culinary TV shows, developing cartoons, cult films and programs of the channel's own production in the Tatar language. Online viewing of the Khuzur TV channel will increase your spiritual knowledge, fill you with love and kindness.