Māori Television


Māori Television is a New Zealand television station that broadcasts programmes that make a significant contribution to the revitalisation of the Māori language and culture. Funded by the New Zealand Government, it commenced broadcasting on 28 March 2004 from its studios in Newmarket, Auckland. It has since moved to East Tamaki, Auckland.

Māori Television was launched on 28 March 2004 and attracted 300,000 viewers that April. The main channel attracts 1.5 million viewers each month, including half of all Māori aged five or more, and one-third of all New Zealanders. Te Reo, the station's second channel, was launched on 28 March 2008. In contrast with the main channel, it is ad-free and completely in the Māori language. Te Reo features special tribal programming with a particular focus on new programming for the fluent members of its audience.

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