Natural TV

The channel offers cartoons, health, agriculture, music, and cultural contents. It also features news from Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency.

Natural TV, the only private Turkish TV channel to broadcast in Africa, offers original content from Turkey and increases cultural awareness in the region.

Along with foreign production films, the viewers also have the opportunity to watch Turkish production films on the channel such as “Anadolu Kartalları” (Anatolian Eagles) and “A.R.O.G.”

The CEO of Natural TV, Tuncay Demir, stated, “We get hundreds of videos from various parts of Africa who watch Natural TV. It makes me spiritually very happy to carry Turkish culture and economy to African homes with this channel.”

The Ankara-based Natural TV broadcasts 24/7 both in English and French languages. It covers 22 African countries and reaches about 5 million homes. The channel’s hosts consist of young people from Rwanda, Ghana, and Nigeria.

Demir further declared, “There is a great market in Africa. Turkey gives importance to this market and wants to open into there. And we thought, ‘Why does this opening up not have a media leg?’ and one-and-a-half years ago we founded Natural TV.

There is a big educated African population in Turkey. When we started broadcasting, we met Africans who are doing their PhDs here, are businesspeople, or are receiving medical education. In time, the number of our staff increased, and we also started receiving ideas from them.

We are especially being watched in Ghana, Nigeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, Liberia, and Senegal. Africans have a great interest in Turkey. And with us, their view towards the ‘white man’ is changing. We stand by all firms who want to open up to that region [Africa]. The [Turkish] state is, therefore, supporting us.’’

Odile Ntuali from Rwanda, who is a host on the channel in French, said it was her sixth year in Turkey. “I have finished the Airline Operator degree at the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association. I came to Natural TV because I like journalism. I love my job. I find it peaceful to live in Ankara.”

Another staff of the TV channel is Anissa Mugen from Rwanda, who concluded, “It is great to inform the Africans from another place in the world.

At first, everyone thinks Natural TV broadcasts from Africa, but when they find out it broadcasts from Turkey, it is very interesting and exciting for them.”

Natural TV

It is the first and only Turkish Channel broadcasting on the African continent. Natural Tv will connect Turkish brands and firms developing and growing every day on the African market which will introduce our country’s aims to have a say on the African continent.

Natural Tv will also promote all products manufactured in Turkey needed on the African market creating a great contribution to both the companies and the national


Natural TV broadcasts in more than 20 countries ın Africa among them Turkey export products to 500 million population in the range which provides access to the African market.

Natural TV enhances qualified and high-quality Turkish brands from food to health care, machinery equipment, agricultural products in the field of import-oriented to the African market.

Natural TV provides an effective and sustainable advertising service of Turkish brands to create a new market in Africa and grow its current market.

Natural TV serves as the mainstream channel on the African continent with a variety of broadcast news, health, music, and adventure trips. Contents from all the continent’s population in the range.

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