RMK TV Sciacca


Tele Radio Monte Kronio was born in February 1980. Sciacca's first television broadcaster occupied a leadership position in the panorama of television broadcasters in the area. The first years of activity were characterized by a schedule consisting of films, TV series, cartoons and local productions of information, entertainment and prize games including "La Pescaccia", "Sbank", "Pubblicitanto", "Frizzante", and the “Summer Games 83”, a sort of games without borders broadcast live from the Hotel Torre Macauda. The strong point of the 80s was sport. A dynamic and competent sports editorial staff that, in addition to football, volleyball and basketball commentaries, produced specific sports broadcasts such as “Vigilia sport”, “After sport”, “A botta hot”.

The “Sciacca-Monte Kronio” time trial was broadcast live for several years, with the use of various cameras along the circuit. On January 18, 1982 the news program called “Telesera” kicks off with two daily editions at 19.30 and 22.30. Subsequently it becomes RMK-TV NEWS and is enriched with two afternoon editions (2.00 pm and 5.00 pm) and a night edition (12.00 pm). From October 2004 a morning edition will also be launched with a format that rotates every 30 minutes from 7.00 to 9.00. It should be noted that the newsroom is made up mainly of women, certainly a unique case in local Italian TV.
The highest audience ratings are recorded during the live broadcast of the Sciacca Carnival. A real television marathon that starts at 16.00 and ends around 4 in the morning for six consecutive days. Another strong point of the carnival was the program “Arriva la festa” which went on for 11 editions (from 1985 to 1995). A talk-show with previews, interviews and performances of the Saccense carnival. An entertainment program entitled "Characters in search of an author", particularly appreciated for the originality of the formula, was brought to the national limelight by national broadcasts such as "Blob" and "Telesogni" on RAITRE.
Another successful program on the air for about 10 years is “On the way with Padre Pio” conducted by Toti Calafiore. Tele Radio Monte Kronio follows the activities of various municipalities with particular attention, broadcasting live the municipal councils of Sciacca, Ribera, Menfi and Castelvetrano. In the 90s RMK TV was affiliated to the Italia 9 network circuit, subsequently to Sat 2000 (Christian-inspired TV) and Magic TV (Italian and international music videos).

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